CNC Machines for Steel Plates Processing


The production of plates and components that are drilled, punched, marked, scribed, milled and cut in accordance with the required tolerances is recognized as one of the most critical activities in today’s manufacturing environment of steel fabrication.

The reduction of the ‘processing dead times’, where no additional value is added, is becoming a ‘must’ in today’s industry to increase a firm’s competitiveness and to achieve the required quality control of the manufacturing process.

For these reasons, we have realized the widest range of CNC solutions that goes from single operation drilling and punching working cells, to the complete integrated CNC plasma work cells for plates, having the aim to integrate all the functions which are required in plate fabrication.

The ability to start with raw material and end with the finished part after completion of all the necessary operations such as drilling, milling, punching, marking, scribing and cutting the part to the desired size and shape is what makes these range of products truly unique.

Ficep equipments and Steel Projects softwares: a unique solution, a strategic investment for your business.

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) Software integrates people, processes, business systems and data to drive top line revenue and promote continuous improvement.


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