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«Done in One» Manufacturing

Regardless of where you travel in the world today, Industry 4.0 is the buzzword that is cast about as all industries try to explore how they can enhance their competitive edge. Many countries in the world today predict that this new industrial revolution will reduce manual labor by up to 40% in the next 10-15 years. This strongly indicates that the change in productivity in the next few years is not a wave but rather a tsunami!


In the world of CNC production, the traditional concept of the past meant expanding a firm’s throughput by building a larger plant facility with more dedicated work centers. For example, in structural steel fabrication this meant how many saws feeding how many drills, copers, etc. This was a solid formula for increasing a firm’s volume but historically did little to change the productivity as more work centers required additional operators, material handlers, support personnel and plant space.


“Done in One”

The metal working industries (metal turning and fabrication) during the past 15-20 years have rapidly changed course with the adoption of a new “Done in One” philosophy.  The firm Mazak, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of innovative machining technology, coined the phrase “Done in One” to reflect their multi-tasking concept. This permitted the capability of a single work center to convert stock material into a finished part without the need to route the part to other machining operations. Mazak states that this Multi-Tasking has revolutionized manufacturing and plays a critical role in today’s progressive smart factories. They continue to engineer new features and benefits into this machine tool technology that goes from a single setup to complete part machining.


This new capability for metal turning or steel fabrication generates the following benefits:

  • Increases capacity, flexibility, productivity and profitability;
  • Improves part accuracy and overall quality;
  • Streamlines production and boosts output with fewer work cells and less labor;
  • Substantially reduces the total required plant space;
  • Enhances overall production management and enables the ability to reduce the quantities per production run;
  • Reduces production part costs by cutting fixture and tooling cost.


Bottom line… the new process assists firms to enhance their competitive edge.


FICEP has endorsed the concept of “Done in One” for both their manufacturing processes and in the development of their innovative solutions for the fabrication of structural steel and plate.


FICEP Invests in New a Machining Facility and Equipment


Mazak’s “Done in One” philosophy is not new to FICEP as they have used this machining concept for over 20 years. FICEP never stands still, however, as new innovative machining technology is constantly being introduced to the market.


Considering FICEP’s continue (continued) worldwide market share growth the management made the decision to once again expand their firm’s internal productivity and capacity. In line with this commitment to constantly reinvest in the firm’s capabilities, FICEP has recently completed the acquisition of a 35.000 square meter plant for machining of their proprietary parts.


FICEP’s investment in a new additional plant and the latest in “Done in One” technology not only expands their capacity but more importantly, it substantially reduces their machining cost.


FICEP Endorses the Same “Done in One” Philosophy in the Engineering of Their Products


In the fabrication world of structural steel and plate FICEP has pioneered this multi-tasking work center approach since the Seventies with drilling and sawing performed in one integrated system.


Since that period, the capabilities of this initial multi-tasking concept has been expanded to integrate:

  • Drilling
  • Scribing
  • Milling
  • Tapping
  • Countersinking
  • Cutting to length
  • Plasma cutting
  • Oxy-fuel cutting


Prior to the “Done in One” concept of structural steel fabrication that was innovated by FICEP, multiple work centers were required to perform the different operations.  Since each system is required to have it’s own measuring system there were always some concerns for commonality of tolerances between work centers and the finished parts.  The “Done in One” concept uses the same measuring system and zero point so the finished part tolerance is never in question.


Since all operations are performed in one common work center, this drastically reduces the plant space required by over 50% when compared with a system consisting of multiple work centers.


The ability to also generate high performance milling within the FICEP drill line produces extremely accurate dross-free parts that do not require a secondary operation.


For example, look at a section that has milled weld prep on the flanges and rat holes in the web. When milling rat holes, it is possible to generate the clearance flush to the flange so a secondary thermal and grinding process is not required. In addition, both weld preps or rat holes can be generated simultaneously for unbelievable productivity by using both flange spindles for this process.


This multi-tasking concept has been further expanded to integrate multiple work cells and automate the material handling. With this level of automation one operator can monitor the handling and the processes of multiple work centers and their operations.

Fabricators of structural steel and plate around the world are experiencing the labor saving benefits, enhanced capabilities and productivity gains that FICEP’s multi-tasking technology has generated. It is no longer practical to have separated work cells that are single process oriented.  The productivity solution of today is a multi-tasking work cell or cells integrated with “Intelligent Steel Fabrication” technology to lower your cost per ton. This integrated software approach monitors and optimizes the product cycle from the planning stages to real time production.


If your competitors are eliminating 4 of 10 positions in the next 10-15 years, what is your firm doing to keep pace with this labor saving revolution? Don’t wait until it is too late!

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