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The company TEMSAN in Kuwait installs FICEP plate processors

to fully update their plate fabrication capability

Temsan Inc., located in Turkey, was founded in 1972 and has built their business over the years by expanding their focus to include multiple aspects of diverse steel fabrication projects.  Presently the diversity of the projects encompasses:


  • Steel frame buildings
  • Hydro, fossil and gas energy solutions
  • Industrial plants
  • Parking garages
  • Aircraft hangars
  • Warehouses
  • Architectural projects
  • Storage tanks
  • Crane systems
  • Steel bridges
  • Large sliding and hinged door structures for industrial type applications
  • Sports arenas
  • Stadium roofs, theme-park roofs, sports arenas and similar structures


The comprehensive approach implemented by Temsan Inc., as part of their business plan, includes the full scope of construction project activities ranging from design, production, installation, testing and commissioning.  The diverse capabilities of the firm enables them to accept all aspects of a project and gives their clients the comfort that Temsan Inc. is the one firm that can take full responsibility ranging from design up to the ongoing maintenance of typical energy related projects for example.


The extensive development of the energy side of their business has enabled their construction of energy projects in their market that currently generate 20,000,000,000 KWH per year of electrical power.  Temsan Inc. addresses power generation projects ranging from hydro, fossil and gas.  Their turbine design and manufacturing capability is a testament to the comprehensive capability to address all aspects of a project in house and not to have to rely on sub-suppliers.


The ability to tackle a wide range of applications in a comprehensive fashion has enabled the firm to grow their turnover 7 times from 2015 to 2018.  With this type of growth their corporate goal of becoming one of the top 500 industrial firms in the global market seems realistic.


On the structural steel side of their business their ability to be awarded the challenging roof structure of the new airport in Kuwait represents a very prestigious contract.


Temsan Inc. is not new to the utilization of CNC cutting, drilling lines, automatic welded I-beam fabrication, CNC flame cutting, combined punching and shearing machines as well as the first ever installed automated shot-blasting, painting and drying line in Turkey.  The awarding of the Kuwait airport roof structure and the significant number of its plate components pushed forward the thinking at Temsan Inc. to update their total plate fabrication capability to current state of the art capabilities as they had previously address in other areas of fabrication.  The equipment evaluation team, headed by Mr. Coskun Evrensel, General Manager, and Mr. Ahmet Deveci, Factory Manager, performed extensive research on the different automated plate fabrication solutions.  The first step of their process was to review the range of design concepts of plate processor systems.  Essentially they concluded that there were two distinctive design types to consider in their review process.

  1. Gantry style plate processors where the plates being processed remain stationary while the gantry, which contains the drill spindles and thermal-cutting torches, is positioned over the plate.
  2. The other basic plate processor group is a “Pull Through Style” where the CNC machine remains stationary and the tools move in the “Y” axis and the plate is moved in the length or “X” axis.


Each design concept have some specific advantages thus the plate fabrication application generally drives the determination as to which design type is most favorable for the plate applications to be processed.  When reviewing the advantages of the two types of systems they identified the following points that were relevant to their operation.

Gantry System Advantages

  • Smaller footprint than “Pull Through Style” plate processors
  • Larger finished parts can be unloaded while the system keeps producing
  • Heavier plates can be fabricated as the material remains stationary during processing
  • The table can be sectionalized so one position can be processing finished parts while the other position is being unloaded and loaded with the next stock plate


Pull Through Style Plate Processor

  • Small parts (500 mm/20” and smaller) can be unloaded automatically
  • The in feed can be located in the material storage bay to facilitate the material handling of stock length plates into the plant


Temsan Inc. required diverse processes in various plate thicknesses such as drilling, milling, scribing, countersinking, plasma beveling and oxy-fuel cutting.  With the wide variety of plate components to be fabricated for their different product groups they ultimately determined that both styles of plate processors were needed.


Mr. Coskun Evrensel, General Manager at Temsan Inc. states that “FICEP S. p. A.  was the only firm that could address all our requirements with maximum efficiency.  In the end we purchased 6 – Gemini “Gantry Style” plate processors and 2 – Tipo G “Pull Through Style” plate processors to meet our production requirements at maximum efficiency.  The vast number of plate processor models available from FICEP S. p. A. enabled us ideally match the specific advantages of each style plate processor to the required plate fabrication challenge.  Irrespective of where the plates are to be processed the universal nesting software from FICEP gave us total production versatility.  We also felt that the fact that both the Gemini and Tipo G model systems feature complementary spindle axis added significantly to the productivity of the FICEP solutions.”


The multiple machine purchase by Temsan Inc. seems to be extremely aggressive but then again maybe not for a firm that has grown their turnover 7 fold from 2015 to 2018!


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