Preventative Maintenance

Preventive Assistance



The efficiency of a plant is decisive in ensuring its operative continuity.

An integral part of our service is planned maintenance checks, which enable any malfunctions and consequent machine down time to be prevented.
For extraordinary and emergency maintenance intervention work, we offer an on demand, rapid intervention service at the site of the client for all problems which cannot be resolved at remotely using the tele-diagnostics services.

This service is guaranteed throughout the world by our international technical assistance network.


In order to give maximum piece of mind to our customers, standard maintenance contracts can be promoted for our equipments, which include scheduled technical visits of our technicians to double-check the lines status, verify the working performances, adjust all parameters to obtain the best working conditions, suggest eventual parts replacements.

Thanks to this important service our customers can take advantage of our long experience in order to always have the best performances on their Ficep lines.
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