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For over eight decades, the name Ficep has been synonymous with internationality and worldwide presence.

Our footprint continued to grow on an international scale, with a wide network of subsidiaries and agencies for sales, after-sales, training, and spare parts supply, covering all continents to ensure close proximity to our customers.

via Matteotti, 21
21045 Gazzada Schianno
Varese – Italy
Ph. +39 0332 876111
Fax +39 0332 462459

The Gazzada location holds the Corporate Headquarters, Research & Development, Academy of Technology, Showroom, as well as the production workshops, together with the nearby units.
MITROL s.r.l.

via Matteotti, 19
21045 Gazzada Schianno
Varese – Italy
Ph. +39 0332 463422
Fax +39 0332 461139
Email: mitrol@mitrol.it
Website: www.mitrol.it

Mitrol, founded in 1983, designs and manufactures all the control units for our CNC equipments. Both hardware and software are developed internally allowing to satisfy all customers demand with ad hoc solutions.

Rue des Frères Lumière
38200 Vienne – France
Ph. +33 474 311730
Fax +33 474 780410
Email: sales@steelprojects.com
Website: www.steel-projects.net

Steel projects was founded in 1994. Together we develop our completely integrated and unique process combining CNC lines, material handling, workstations, waypoints and software offering our customers the possibility to maximizing the use of their resources and operating in the most efficient way.

Via Carlo Cattaneo, 80-82
20025 Legnano
Milano – Italy
Ph. +39 0331 547004
Fax +39 0331 547737
Email: info@bariola.it
Website: www.bariola.it

Bariola company since 1997 is specialized in the retrofitting of our CNC machines for our customers and of our used equipments.
FICEP France sas

Z.I. “Les Platanes” – CS 80101
33360 Camblanes – FRANCE
Ph. +33 556 201555
Fax +33 556 201556
Email: ficep@ficep-france.fr

Website: www.ficep-france.fr


Since 1988, Ficep France is the oldest of our subsidiary. The company is involved in sales, after-sales and spare parts activities, as well as manufacturing and assembly of our mono-spindle drilling lines for beams.
FICEP Iberica s.a.

Parque Empresarial INBISA
Avda. de los Olmos, 1- Edificio D-2, Oficina 117
01013 Vitoria – SPAIN
Ph. +34 945 14 83 11
Fax +34 945 14 81 37
Email: ficep@ficepiberica.com
Website: www.ficepiberica.com

Since 1989, Ficep Iberica is our second subsidiary in terms of seniority and follows sales, after-sales and spare parts activities.
FICEP India Service

Plot No A-490, Road U, Opp. DGP Windsor
Next to Irmra, Wagle Industrial Estate
Thane (W) – 400604 (MH) – INDIA
Ph. +91 22 41116111
Fax +91 22 25806157
Email: pradman@pradmanservices.com
Website: www.pradmanservices.com

For over 20 years we have been present in India with our after-sales and spare parts office to grant the best support to our local customers.

3 Gilcar Way Valencia Park
Wakefield Europort
Normanton WF10 5QS – UK
Ph. +44 192 4223530
Fax +44 192 4223666
Email: info@ficep.co.uk
Website: www.ficep.co.uk

Ficep Uk was founded in 1999 to cover sales, after-sales and spare parts activities in Great Britain and Scandinavia.
FICEP Corporation

2301 Industry Court – Forest Hill Industrial Park
Forest Hill, MD 21050 – USA
Ph. +1 410 588 5800
Fax +1 410 588 5900
Email: info@ficepcorp.com
Website: www.ficepcorp.com

Ficep Corp was settled in 2002 in Forest Hill as sales, after-sales and spare parts reference for USA and Canada.
FICEP Hong Kong Ltd

Unit 411, 4th floor – Block B
DB Plaza Discovery Bay – HONG KONG
Ph. +852 2544 6888
Fax +852 2544 5123
Email: info@ficep.com.hk
Website: www.ficep.com.hk

Since 2003 our subsidiary Ficep Hong Kong is following sales, after-sales and spare parts activities in the whole Far East area.

Office 36 – Petrovka St. 20/1
127051 Moscow – RUSSIA
Ph. +7 495 642 3794
Ph. +7 495 642 3795
Fax: +7 495 585 8696
Email: pmcm@mail.ru

Starting from 2005, our local office offers sales, after-sales and spare parts services on site.

144 El-Alam Str. Forest Bldg., Badaro
Beirut Court House P.O. Box 2019/116
Beirut – LEBANON
Ph. +961 1 386664
Fax +961 1 386011
Email: info@ficep-me.com
Website: www.ficep-me.com

Founded in 2006, Ficep Middle East is the reference point for Middle East area customers for sales, after-sales and spare parts for our equipments.
FICEP Sul América Ltda

Av. Felício Marinelli, 444
Jd. Medina – 08556-200 Poà São Paulo
Ph/Fax +55 11 4636 8798
Email: info@ficepsulamerica.com.br
Website: www.ficepsulamerica.com.br

Ficep Sul America was settled in 2008 as sales, after-sales and spare parts subsidiary.

Otto Hahn Strasse 42
48529 Nordhorn – GERMANY
Ph. +49 5921 304570
Fax +49 5921 3045729
Email: info@ficep.de
Website: www.ficep.de

Ficep.de was founded in 2010 and follows sales activities.
FICEP Guangzhou Machinery Co. Ltd

Room 2010, Guangzhou Peace World Plaza
No 362-366 Huan Shi Dong Rd.
Yuexiu District – Guangzhou – P.R. CHINA
Ph. +86 20 8375 2871
Fax +86 20 8388 1779
Email: ficep-guangzhou@ficep.com.cn
Website: www.ficep.com.cn

Opened in 2013 Ficep Guangzhou is a Ficep Hong Kong office taking care of sales, after-sales and spare parts on the local market.
FICEP Mexico

Av. De la Victoria #235
Local 1 Plaza Victoria
Fracc. Mixto La Loma, C.P. 78216
San Luis Potosí
Ph. +52 444 825 6151- 835 6163
Email: joseba@ficepmexico.com.mx
Website: www.ficepmexico.com.mx

Since 2014 Ficep Mexico takes care of sales, after-sales and spare parts activities in Mexico and in the neighbour countries of Latin America.
FICEP Korea Forge Service Co. Ltd.

51395 Paryong-ro 345 beon-gil 27,
Uichang-gu, Changwon-si,
Gyeongsangnam-do – KOREA
Ph. +82 55 253 2860-1
Fax +82 55253 2862
Email: info@ficep-koreaforgeservice.co.kr

Recently established, Ficep Korea follows after-sales and spare parts activity for our forging equipments.

40, Rue du Chenoua
16035 Hydra
Mobile +213 7 96895610
Email: info@ficep.dz

Founded in 2017, Ficep Alger follows the growing market of Algerie as to sales, spare parts and after-sales activities.

Warehouse 15-Plot
DIp-1 (Dubai Investment Park -1)
Ph. +971 4 881 8966
Fax +971 4 269 0666

Recently opened, Ficep Dubai office is focused on sales and after-sales activity.

2-6-20, Umeda, Kita-Ku

530-0001 Osaka


Ph +81 6-7713-2587

Mobile +81 90-3846-6121

Email: kondo@smart-fabrication.com


New borne in our family, the company is in charge to cover sales, after-sales and spare parts activity in the country. It represents a new challange for us, with the aim to respond to customer's request with localized service.
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