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  • Single spindle beam drill DE Single spindle beam drill DE
  • Single/double spindle drill DF Single/double spindle drill DF
  • Multi spindle beam drill DD Multi spindle beam drill DD
  • Multi spindle CNC Gantry drill Multi spindle CNC Gantry drill
  • CNC band saw systems Katana-L CNC band saw systems Katana-L
  • CNC stand alone band saw CNC stand alone band saw
  • CNC disc saw CNC disc saw
  • Robotic coper RC Robotic coper RC
  • Beam punch line Beam punch line


In today’s world of construction the respect for the environment, the need for fast erection activities, the easiness of planning, just in time deliveries, the possibility of tracing the manufactured construction components, makes the use of steel frames a must for modern architects and construction companies.

The H-I-U etc. rolled steel sections are the supporting frame of all the modern civil and industrial building construction.

The FICEP beam drilling machines are CNC beam drilling lines with one, two, three spindles or more each suitable for the processing of beams and shaped rolled sections with small and large dimensions.

FICEP also manufactures a wide variety of beam saws for operations that involve straight or mitred cutting. In the structural fabricating industry is required to do activities like flange thinning, coping, splitting, weld preparations etc... and the range of the FICEP robotic beam coping machines addresses thoroughly this type of requests.
The manufacturing of purlins or bracings requires machineries capable of producing high volume repetitive parts with the capability of punching slots apart from round holes. To address this type of need FICEP delivers beam punching and shearing line capable of processing beams up to 300 mm in the web.
The structural steel fabricator usually organises his production schedule according to erection sequences. This important flexibility constraint has pushed FICEP to develop a whole range of combined fabrication cells that include beam drilling and sawing lines, beam drilling and coping lines equipped with the most advanced automatic handling devices such as roller conveyors, transfer tables to suit any customer requirement.

The capability of project managing the complete supply of structural steel turnkey solutions fulfilling the requirements above mentioned makes the FICEP beam drilling, sawing, coping machines a benchmark in the structural steel and fabricating industry. Where the use of long profiles such as beams is needed FICEP has a solution for it and more details can be shown per each of the following fields:

  • General Steel Structures
  • Industrial Steel Structures
  • Portal frames and single storey buildings
  • Pre Engineered Buildings
  • Steel Towers
  • Transmission and Telecom Towers
  • Stairs, Handrails and miscellaneous
  • Off shore

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