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Ficep Group

Group structure

Ficep. A growing family.

The growing popularity of steel structures is due to its design efficiency that is found in such typical projects as bridges, transmission towers, electric power stations, petrochemical power stations, industrial plants, ships, skyscrapers and other uniquely complicated structures where the versatility of structural steel design is evident.

FICEP is one of the world’s leading machine tool manufacturing companies with an experience of over 80 years. This Italian-based firm has become the largest producer in the world today of automated systems for the fabrication of structural steel and plate and the forging industry. The extensive Ficep product range of innovative products and their aggressive penetration of the world market have been achieved by the creation of Ficep subsidiaries all over the world.

Located next to the Swiss Alps in Varese, Italy, FICEP has many dedicated and specialised production facilities. This main location, which comprises over 100.000 square metres, also contains corporate headquarters, research & development and the main after sales service departments. Around 300 of the 500 employees of the Group work in the headquarters in Gazzada Schianno (VA, Italy).

The nearby plants at Crosio della Valle, Castronno and Casale Litta are respectively dedicated to the assembly of CNC lines for processing angles, plates and also sawing equipment. In the same area is located Ficep’s ultra modern machining center that works non-stop seven days a week for the machining of small and medium size mechanical components.

The Ficep Academy of Technology is the culmination of years of planning to offer a truly unique experience for customers, operators and users of Ficep equipment and technology. This state of the art facility was finished in 2012 and consists of a 2000m2/3000SF showroom, high-tech classroom facilities, meeting rooms and a lecture hall.

The showrooms' full range of Ficep equipment coupled with the training classrooms and expert trainers the academy enables fabricators to fully understand how to plan their implementation, manage their production and generally how to maximize their investment.

Aside from access to all of Ficep’s equipment, simulators, software and other technology, the academy offers training on integration with other systems and technology as needed.

Despite its size and international dimension, after 80 years in business, Ficep still maintains its “Family Company” characteristic, with proprietors who are active and visible in the management of the group, who cover key roles in the company senior management and ensure continuity of vision and values between the past, present and future of our company.